with black charcoal and Teavigo
Black ecological whitening toothpaste with black charcoal and TeavigoTM for people looking for innovative and unconventional daily solutions.
£10.99 (100ml)
with cranberry extract and Kalident
Ecological refreshing, anti-tartar toothpaste which contains cranberry extract and Kalident for everyday tooth care.
£9.99 (100ml)
with oak bark and yarrow extract
Ecological toothpaste for bleeding gums, containing oak bark and yarrow extract, as well as Kalident, gently cleans and strengthens your teeth.
£11.99 (100ml)
with 7 herbs extracts and Kalident
Ecological multifunctional toothpaste with with extracts of 7 herbs (linden, horsetail, birch, yarrow, rosemary, sage, and nettle) and Kalident prevents the formation of tartar.
£9.99 (100ml)
with camomile and aloe vera extract and Kalident
Ecological toothpaste for sensitive teeth with camomile and aloe vera extract and Kalident gently cleanses and protects enamel.
£9.99 (100ml)
with carrot extract and Kalident
Wild strawberry scented ecological toothpaste for children with carrot extract and Kalident created especially to care for children's teeth.
£8.99 (75ml)