Herbal tea for Diabetes treatment testimonial from Philippines
herbal diabetic tea Mr. Marcelo Gutierrez Padilla, a 65 year old carpenter and a resident of San Isidro, Antipolo City, is a long time sufferer of the dreaded Diabetes disease. Months ago, his foot became swollen and white pus appeared. Since he has no source of livelihood, he did not take any medication and he suffered considerably.
herbal diabetic tea
Foot as of Sep 08, 2008
On Sep 08, 2008, Reem Pure Herbal Tea was first introduced to him, his blood sugar was 292 mg/ dL , blood pressure was 130/90 mmHg. As directed, he started drinking two glasses of Reem Tea a day, one in the morning with no food or other liquid intake, then another glass before going to bed. On Sep 14, a follow up check-up was made, his blood sugar has dropped to 152 mg/ dL , his blood pressure became 110/90. As you can see at the above photo, the inflammation of his foot has reduced. He was quite relieved of his pain. His appetite and his bowel movement has also improved.
herbal diabetic tea
Foot as of Sep 14, 2008
Days after, Mang Marcelo was brought to a private clinic in Antipolo City to assess the condition of his foot. He was advised to undergo a thorough medical check-up and it was even suggested that there was huge possibility that his affected foot would be amputated. Because he is hard-up, he was not immediately able to undergo with the recommended check-up. He just continued drinking the Reem Tea since he believed that this was only the most affordable and effective medication at his present situation given the earlier effects of Reem Tea after days of drinking it.
herbal diabetic tea On October 06, almost a month after he started using the Reem Tea, Mang Marcelo was examined at Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center , Marikina City and he was prescribed by the attending physician with two antibiotics, Cifoxacin and Clindomycin and further medical check-up.

As of October 27, Mang Marcelo, who used to be immobile because of his foot disease, has now returned to his livelihood, that is carpentry. His latest blood sugar level as of this date was 116 mg/ dL and his blood pressure continues to be normal.

He continues to improve everyday, thanks to the Wonder of Reem Pure Herbal Tea!
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