Anti-dandruff and anti-hair loss shampoo and conditioner
Created especially for men.
Effectively eliminates dandruff, strengthens the hair and stimulates hair roots.
Pampers the hair and makes it easier to manage.
Menthol and active substances climbazole and Follicusan help to achieve a visible effect.
£17.99 (250ml)
with calendula/marigold, camomile and avocado extracts
Mild herbal shampoo specially created for sensitive scalp. It comprises no aggressive cleansing agents which may irritate the skin, cause allergic reactions. Extracts of camomile, calendula and avocado soften and smooth the hair, comfort the scalp and protect it against irritations.
£19.99 (250ml)
wheat proteins
Margarita hair conditioner protects the hair from drying out and restores its damaged surface. Wheat proteins gently refresh, nurture and moisturise the scalp and soften hair. Apply to clean hair and keep in for 1-2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. After application of the conditioner, the hair will become easier to manage, and comb and will not be affected by static electricity.
£13.99 (150ml)
with nettle extract
Since the days of old, Lithuanian women use nettle concoctions for strengthening their hair. Shampoo with nettle extract prevents hair loss, replenishes hair, gives it natural shine and volume. This shampoo is suitable for everyday use. Recommended for oily, as well as weak or brittle hair.
£13.99 (200ml)
with egg lecithin and 7 herbal extracts
Shampoo gives your hair volume, vitality and a healthy shine. Natural egg lecithin restores the structure of damaged hair and nourishes the scalp. It helps to better take up active ingredients and to improve the state of the scalp and roots. Birch, rosemary, sage, lime, nettle, Achillea and equisetum extracts included in the shampoo improve bloodstream, strengthen hair roots, tone up and refresh the scalp skin.
£13.99 (200ml)
with sage
Margarita anti-dandruff shampoo eliminates dandruff and adds silkiness to the hair. Antibacterial characteristics of the sage extract calm and balance the skin of the scalp and prevent formation of new dandruff. Vegetable active substances maintain the natural pH of the skin.
£13.99 (200ml)
with calamus
Anti-hair loss with calamus gently cleanses hair, adds viability and strengthens hair roots. Since the days of old calamus extract is used to pamper the hair, it stimulates the activity of the hair bulb, thus prevents hair loss. When using this shampoo hair regains its strength and the hair loss decreases.
£13.99 (200ml)
with camomile and wheat extracts
Ecological shampoo for children with camomile and wheat extracts. A shampoo with pleasant wild strawberry scent especially designed for little ones, however it is perfectly suitable for their parents as well
It is especially mild and does not irritate the eyes; wheat extract adds necessary moisture to the hair, while camomile extract soothes your child's skin
£18.99 (250ml)