with calendula
Ecological intimate hygiene wash is made of soft washing substances with calendula and camomile extracts gently washes and soothes the skin
It does not contain any preservatives (parabenes) and aggressive washing substances, so, it does not irritate or dry out the skin. The wash strengthens protective functions of the skin and provides it a fresh feeling
£16.99 (300ml)
with milk proteins
Margarita intimate hygiene wash cleanses gently without disturbing the natural pH of the skin.
The cleanser is made of gentle cleansing ingredients and is enriched with milk proteins, which help to regenerate the damaged mucosal microflora.
It will definitely leave you feeling fresh and healthy. It is suitable for daily use
£15.99 (300ml)
with aloe vera
Margarita" intimate hygiene wash is made of gentle cleansing ingredients of vegetable origin and is enriched with aloe vera extract,
which reduces inflammation and moisturises the skin. The cleanser gently cleanses the skin without disturbing its pH and ensures the feeling of health and freshness.
£15.99 (300ml)