Feiyan Oolong Tea

Feiyan Oolong Tea for slimming

Feiyan Oolong Tea

Slimming Tea
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Product description

Feiyan Tea (Oolong Tea)

Feiyan Oolong Tea
Feiyan Natural Herbal Slimming Tea is made with selected excellent natural and can be food herbs with modern technologies with careful investigate, the taste is delicate fragrance and pure. Feiyan Natural Herbal Slimming Tea intended to suppress appetite, detoxify the body, get ride of extra fat and improve metabolism. Feiyan Natural Herbal Slimming Tea has no chemical additives and it is safe for regular consumption over a long period of time without bringing any side effect.

Each time take one tea bag, twice a day.
Soaked in 170ml of hot boiled water for 5 to 10 minutes.
This can be done for twice in a row, it is better to drink in the morning and before sleeping.
Not with sugar and milk.

Main Ingredients
Oolong Tea.

Not suitable for Pregnant woman.
Keep out of reach of children.

Store in a dry, ventilating place with normal temperature.

120g (3g X 20 bags X 2 boxes)

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It’s works well, great product , controls my diet.
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